You place your order online. All payments are received during delivery. At the moment we are only accepting cash so make sure to have cash upon delivery. Photo ID must match customer order. You get your mushies.

Mushies are in a renaissance period and are currently decriminalized in San Francisco and Oakland. Both the San Francisco and Oakland Police Departments have been instructed to treat the possession and distribution of mushrooms as “among the lowest law enforcement priorities.”

You as the buyer has to be present with a valid form of ID, no other individual can receive it for you. You can always login to your account and re schedule your order or delivery. You can also reach out to us via text. If timing is an issue we will happily mail your items directly to your address.

Yes. You will be notified via text when your driver is en route. A real time location to your driver will be shown, just like UBER does. For mailed items, we will provide tracking information.

All order contents are photographed, then packed and sealed in the delivery bag. We will refer to this and see if any items are missing. If something is missing we can either credit you or deliver the missing item at another scheduled time.

Upon driver arrival, customers are allotted a 10 minute wait time and the driver will cancel the delivery if there is no response. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

This is completely up to you.